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Compliance Management Services

Many companies who have been awarded state or local economic incentives do not receive the full value of the award.  Chesapeake Tax Advisors can help make sure that does not happen to your company.  Our consultants will ensure you fulfill all the requirements to qualify for and maintain the full value of your incentive package.

Chesapeake Tax Advisors also has a full range of economic incentive services including:

  • Preparing economic impact studies.
  • Negotiating and structuring incentives.
  • Managing compliance, reporting and documentation.
  • Restructuring existing incentives.
  • Managing your entire credits and incentives program

Tax Consulting Services

Federal, state and local incentives add up to billions of dollars in savings for businesses. We can assist you in claiming the tax credits and incentives available to your organization.  Our consulting services include:

Hiring Related Incentives

Nationwide, when you hire individuals from targeted groups, there are many federal, state and local programs that provide tax relief to your business, including Work Opportunity Tax Credits, Welfare-to-Work, Empowerment Zones and Opportunity Zones.  We can assist you in identifying your eligible credits and administering programs to recover these incentives.

State and Local Tax Credits

There are hundreds of state and local incentives available, including enterprise zones and job training credits. Our tax experts can help capture all employment related incentives allowing you to retain more of your profits.

Training Grants and Other Incentives

We can reduce your investment in employee training by negotiating tax incentives and grant opportunities to help defray some of the expense.

Negotiated Benefits

If your business is expanding, relocating or improving infrastructure, we can help minimize these costs by negotiating tax abatements, incentives and grant opportunities.

Sales and Use Tax Programs

Our tax consultants can help you successfully navigate the increasingly complex maze of sales and use tax compliance to recover revenue, reduce costly errors and implement processes based on best practices.

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